Introducing Grimoire Guilds

Welcome fellow Guild Masters! Built with Unreal Engine 4, Grimoire Guilds brings a mix of CCG and Tactical gameplay with beautiful visuals and engaging turn-based combat. The game revolves around battles between Magical Guilds as they compete for fame, power, and glory. Each guild has a unique play style and Read more…


Unaided Weekly Update #8

Hi there! Before everything else, you can still download the demo right here! Alright, now for the update. First off, we have 3 new missions and they all take place in a forest landscape! Oh no! Why is Bernon pointing a gun at Vita?! Speaking of guns, we have a Read more…


Demo Release for Unaided: 1939

Hey, everyone! Just recently released the demo for Unaided: 1939 beta version. Go click that download button to check it out! I promise you will have a great time. Some Youtubers made a Let’s Play video about the demo. Watch it here. As usual, feedback and suggestions are most welcome. Read more…

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