First update of the year! Let’s look back at what we achieved last December 2019.

New Hero Cards

We continued working on defining possible builds for each playable hero. The goal is to have 20 skill cards and 20 passives for each hero. Right now most of them are sitting at around 15 or so cards while some later characters like Lyria are at around 8 cards.

Design Rewards

Production is almost done for 1 of 2 boss enemies and 2 of 3 normal enemies. Scripts for side quest rewards are also being approved for production.

More Combat Maps

We added several new maps both for cinematic and gameplay use. I can’t really show much of the new maps to avoid spoilers, but here are some screenshots of the environments we worked on.

Nintendo Switch Version

We’re submitting a build to Nintendo for approval. The results will tell us when we can expect to release the Switch version. As you all know, we’re hoping it can be same day release with PC.

Hoping this year will be a blast for everyone. See you on the next update. Cheers!

– Justin V.

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