We’re less than a month away from launch!

Switch and PC Release Dates

Nintendo has finally approved our latest game build. We and our publisher agreed that it would be best to have a simultaneous release for both Switch and PC platforms. As such, we’re scheduled to launch on 

26th March 2020 for Switch, Steam, and Utomik.

Gotta Polish Them All

Our artists spent the last month polishing existing assets. Polish is a very important thing in any game after all. Here’s a before and after comparison of some of the main characters.

The world map is also getting a new look. The layout is pretty much the same but we’re redrawing the locations, landscapes, etc.

I’m also polishing the story content and combat encounters for the game. Making sure cutscenes flow well and fixing any level design issues. Currently doing a pass on all the enemy cards and stats too.

Skills and Passives

We’ve been going over the skills and passives available to the player – filling in any gaps with each hero’s arsenal. I wanted to give a little sneak peak on some of the skills and passives that are going to be in the game. We’re still in the process of balancing some of these so some might look different come launch.

That’s it for this update. We’re all really excited for the game’s release! Just need a little more push 😀

– Justin V.

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