Hey gamers! It’s Justin here with the last development update for Grand Guilds this 2017. It’s been a terrific first year of development for the game and we thank everyone who has supported the game thus far. We wouldn’t have made this far without all your feedback and support.

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Earlier this December, we released a new playable demo. It’s loaded with tons of new content and improvements compared to the first demo. You can still download and play our latest demo right here on Indie DB.

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We completed the character portraits just in time for the demo. A lot of people really dig the art style and we’re pretty happy about that.

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I also worked on the party management and deck building features which are also in the latest demo.

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Two new playable characters have been introduced this month!

Master Lyria D’Altan is the guild master of Lux Deus. She uses fire, wind, and lightning magic to either do devastating attacks or offer life saving support to allies. You can see her in the demo, although not playable yet.

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Skyla Deadeye is the self-proclaimed number 1 gunner in the entire continent. She uses a crude sniper rifle to do high damage from afar.

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Well that’s it for this month. On behalf of the Grand Guilds team, I wish you all a Happy New Year! May this 2018 be filled with awesome and memorable moments.


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