In a war-torn world, you’ll embark on your most dangerous quest – to prevent a war that will destroy all.


About the game

Grand Guilds is a Tactical turn-based RPG with CCG elements. Think Final Fantasy Tactics meets Hearthstone!

Command and fight alongside fiery heroes in a world on the brink of total war. Follow the story of our valiant protagonist, Eliza Stalfort, as she struggles to stop a war before it even begins. Build powerful decks and assemble your best squad of characters to defeat challenging foes with sheer wits and might.

Do you have what it takes to be the Grand Guild?



Tactical Turn-Based Combat

In Grand Guilds, you take control of 3 heroes in your squad. Each hero is unique, having its own role, abilities, and stats in battle. There are currently 9 playable characters in the game.

Combat takes place in a grid-based map where you can move and use abilities for your heroes. Positioning and terrain play a big role in defeating your enemies.

Card Play

Cards serve as your hero’s abilities. Instead of having RNG decide how effective your moves and abilities are, the game makes use of collectible cards. As the player, you know exactly what your cards will do. The catch – you never know what cards you’ll get or when you’ll get them.

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You’ll have to strategize based on what cards you currently have, with each card drawn opening new possibilities.

Deck Building

You have the freedom to choose what abilities your heroes will have during battle. Building your heroes’ decks is crucial to ensuring victory. Your heroes’ playstyles and roles all depend on what cards you put in each deck.

Want a flanking DPS who can get in and out of combat? Then put mobility and damage cards in her deck.
Need an effective way to control the battlefield? Then build a deck with debuff cards and obstacle spawners.
It’s all up to you!

Character Progression

Your heroes can level up as they complete quests and win battles. You can improve their stats however you want, which can influence how effective their card abilities are.

Be careful though, if a hero falls during battle, he or she can be injured which will result in a lower max HP. It will take some time before they fully recover.



The story takes place in the continent of Irin, a war-torn realm currently under the rule of the Triton Empire. Only the magical guilds, independent organisations of remarkable people, keep the realm from tipping into chaos.

The narrative follows the life of Eliza Stalfort, a member of the highly respected Lux Deus guild, and her merry band of misfits. She is a fierce young woman who stands for justice and honor, dedicated to helping her guild and friends whenever she can. But will she be able to uphold her virtues when faced with her inner demons, as they journey deeper into the harsh reality of this war-torn world?



The game is currently being developed by the solo developer Justin “Drix” Villegas, along with some talented freelance artists and a composer. The game is initially set for release on Q2 of 2019. You can follow the game’s development on our social media channels – Twitter and Facebook