Hey there, fellow Tactical fans! This is Justin with another update for Grimoire Guilds.

Last week we created Kadmus, our water mage/healer. This week we give him some skills and spell cards!

First off though, here’s the new splash art for Captain Elvaria! She looks ready for anything!

User Posted Image

Now for Kadmus, we’re aiming for different abilities to make him flexible. I want to make him a support with healing and crowd control abilities but I also want to give him some damage skills as well.

Here’s an ability card called “Healing Rain”

User Posted Image

and “Water Refresh”

User Posted Image

For crowd control, we have an Ice Wall that blocks enemy movement, and Ice Lock which is a stun ability.

User Posted Image

For his damage spells, we have an Ice Barrage that has a bit of flare to it.

User Posted Image

See how it turns into snow flakes first then becomes a bunch of sharp glaciers? Neat, right?

Now Kadmus isn’t the only one with brand new spells. Rei Kinzel, the lancer character, also has a new powerful ability – Magnum Fulgur!

User Posted Image

We have more interesting spell cards in the works for all the characters so stay tuned!

Spell cards are not the only new things for this week. As you can see, I’m also experimenting on the game’s look and feel. The cartoony outline has been removed but the game still has a stylized anime-ish look.

User Posted Image

Well that’s all for this week. Until next time!



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