Are you a fan of Valkyria Chronicles? Do you like the blend of Anime meets World War? Say no more!

Unaided is an anime-inspired, 3D top-down stealth shooter set in an alternate setting of World War II wherein the great country of Russia has been defeated and Hitler’s Nazis are winning the war in Europe.

Vita Banks

Play as Vita Banks, a highly-trained British spy behind enemy lines. Cut off from her agency and contacts, you alone must do your part in weakening the Nazis and stopping this war. Go on procedurally generated covert operations with different objectives such as assassinating high-ranking Nazi officers, to blowing up a factory full of Panzer units.

Whistle mechanic

The game is still early in development. The core gameplay mechanics and features have been implemented such as the shooting and stealth mechanics, as well as responsive AI. The screenshot above shows Vita whistling, indicated by the white circle, and attracting the guard nearby.

Good ol' fashioned melee combat

The base weapons have also been implemented. There is a lot of variety with the weapons at Vita’s disposal ranging from bow and arrows, to machine guns, to good ol’ fashioned hand-to-hand combat.

Mission Select

The game features two types of missions that the player can take: story-missions, and side-missions. Side-missions are randomly generated and can be embarked upon through the mission selection screen. The levels associated with the side-missions will also be procedurally generated, making unique and challenging levels in every playthrough.

You can follow the development progress of Unaided through our IndieDB page here. You can also follow our twitter @Drix_Studios or our website for the latest news and updates about the game.


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