Last November a new writer, Darrus Myles Jr, joined our small team to help craft a memorable story for the game. His addition has let the rest of the team focus on creating the actual content for the game.

We’ve made HUGE progress on all the story-related content for Grand Guilds these past 2 months! I’m really happy of what we’ve managed to accomplish thus far. Here are some of the new maps and scenes we created. I made sure there were no spoilers in the screenshots 😀

Earlier this January, we also updated the flying ship’s design. We’re calling her “Mami”. If you’re a fan of J-rock then you can probably guess why 😛

Of course, we also have new character and card artworks. We showcased Emperor Gian, the stern but just emperor of Triton, a few days ago. Along with a couple of new monsters.

(From left to right) Headshot, Shadow Storm, Rage Mode, and Redemption.

Future Plans

As you all know, we did a Kickstarter last September 2018. It did not succeed but we gained a lot of new supporters from it. A lot of you even expressed that we should re-launch the campaign after some time.

That being said, we are highly considering to launch another Kickstarter campaign. We’re still working on some things but it’s definitely a possibility, especially now that we have a Nintendo Switch version to offer the backers. If you think we should have another go at it, please let us know on the Discord channel or on social media.

If you haven’t already, come join us on Discord! We post a lot of stuff there in advance and you get a sneak peak of what we’re up to.

Thanks for reading and see you on the next update!

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