May progress report! Let’s get into it!

First off, our Kickstarter campaign was officially funded with $30,000 USD last May 10th! Again, thank you so much to everyone who supported the campaign!

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BETA Progress

Because of recent events like the passing of my younger brother, we had to delay the Beta Build for all those who pledged for Beta Access during the Kickstarter. Right now, we’re aiming for June 14th for the Beta testing. We’re working on getting it done as soon as possible.

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This first Beta testing will include Act 1 of the main story which consists of 5 chapters.

Content Building

Aside from the BETA preparations, our artists are working hard on content creation. Here are some of the new concept arts, models, and card artworks.

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My Brother’s Work

Some people wanted to see more of Bruce’s work for Grand Guilds. As a props artist, he made the Flying Ship that our heroes use. He also made a bunch of weapons and items.

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In the early days of development, when there was just 3 of us, he served as a character concept artist and card artist.

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That’s it for this monthly update. Catch you next time!

– Justin V.

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