Wow, time sure flies fast. It’s already December and we’re getting much closer to release! Here’s a summary of what we’ve accomplished this past November.

Public Events

Last November 6th to 10th, we showcased Grand Guilds at Level Up Kuala Lumpur. The event was really fun and we received a lot of feedback from both players and devs alike. Grand Guilds also got nominated for Best Innovation in the SEA Game Awards.

Gameplay Mechanics

New mechanics and keywords have been added to the game. Traps are now a thing and Paco is especially good at them. You can now lay down trap cards which will be triggered when an enemy enters its radius. Chain Lightning has been added to some of Rei’s cards. The concept is bolts of electricity course through nearby units. So when dealing damage, additional Magic damage equivalent to 30% of the original will be dealt to adjacent enemies.

We also added the Enemy Information system where players can view the deck and stats of all the enemies they will encounter before starting a quest. For story purposes, some enemies will be labeled with “???”, indicating that they are unknown. However, their stats and card descriptions will still be visible.

Story and Art Content

The steam golem is now an enemy unit you will face during the game’s main story. This guy packs quite a punch and is super though as well, so make sure you’re well prepared when facing this hunk of metal. There are also a bunch of new enemies but I can’t really tell you who or what they are as it’s a massive spoiler.

Kadmus’s sprite has been reworked as we felt that his proportions were a bit awkward. We also added a few new card artworks and character sprites.

Side Quests

We started adding the Side Quest design rewards into the game as well as the default ones we had planned. The next beta patch will be including some of these.

The Sky Broker

Speaking of quests, we’re now happy with Bruce’s role in the game. Aside from providing cards, he’ll be giving out some interesting side quests that offer great rewards to the player. He also has a fair amount of dialogue with our main characters during the said quests.

That’s all for now. Sorry for posting the update a bit late. As some of you may know, we got hit by a strong typhoon last Monday and we still have no electricity as we speak. The development has been affected quite a bit. Fortunately, everyone is doing fine here. Hopefully we can get back to the swing of things soon.

Thanks for reading!

– Justin V.

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