Greetings, fellow agents! A lot of changes and improvements have been made on Unaided. Let’s dive right in!

I designed the menu screen and the pause screen, giving it a sort of old paper feel with a stroke of paint/ink when hovering on buttons.



I’ve also improved the battle HUD with a more suitable color-scheme and images. You can see the current weapon and ammo in use at the lower right, and the grenades/throwables at the lower left. Objectives are still at the upper right corner.


Next we’ve replaced the floor and wall textures with some better ones. Perfectly tileable and suited to the game. I also removed the Cel-shade post process for now to see if the game looks better without it. I also added some blood splatters whenever an enemy dies. What a mess (in a good way).



The enemy AI has also been improved. As you can see below, the enemies can now sit or sleep as per needed. They can also now shoot at the player’s cover, adding a greater challenge to the game.


Tune in next week for a bigger and better things. *cough* Missions reveal *cough* enemy models *cough*.

Have a great day!

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